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Donatella Zingaro

Donatella Zingaro is a PhD student in the Geographical Information and Visualisation Analysis (GIVA) research group at the Department of Geography under the guidance of Prof. Dr Sara Irina Fabrikant and Dr Tumasch Reichenbacher. Her research project is part of the MapOnTap project embedded in the UZH Digital Society Initiative context.
The objective of Donatella's project is to investigate the patterns of mobile map application usage among users by understanding when, where, how, and why people use these applications on a daily basis and to develop a novel computational model that can predict users' information on map applications based on the combination of smartphone data such as geographic context, user information (including preferences, planning, and interactive behaviour), and the user's psychological differences.This research could enhance the future development of mobile map applications that are better tailored to meet the real needs of users.


University of Zurich


Faculty of Science


Department of Geography