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Mobile Individuals
Mobile Societies
Society, Environment and History


2023 - 2024

The ZuriACT Project is a joint pilot project between the University of Zurich and the City of Zurich, aiming to enhance the current sidewalk accessibility data in District 1. This endeavor is embedded in a citizen science project that actively engages individuals facing mobility restrictions. Our diverse group of participants includes parents with pushchairs, caregivers, individuals with mobility impairments, and older adults dealing with age-related mobility limitations.

In this project, with the help of virtual audits such as the Project Sidewalk web tool, participants can collect accessibility features in District 1 remotely. This includes identifying areas with missing curb ramps, pinpointing obstacles on the sidewalk, and surface problems. The accessibility data generated through ZuriACT will help to enhance the sidewalk accessibility assessment and also form an essential basis for digital mobility services catering to individuals with limited mobility. Existing routing services and digital maps fail to provide practical navigation guidance due to the lack of relevant information. Through ZuriACT, we aim to bridge this gap, creating a foundation that will positively impact the lives of those navigating the city with unique mobility needs and the society at large.