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Wearable Movement Sensors in Neuro-Rehabilitation

research areas

Mobile Individuals
Cognition and Physiology


2011 - 2020


  • Transform clinical diagnostics in neuromotor disorders by providing objective, patient-centred functional assessments of movement quality and quantity.
  • Through developing innovative, science-based technology for aiding clinical-decision making, we aim to disrupt the state-of-the-art in early stage detection by functional assessments and monitoring, evaluating treatment efficacy and targeting therapies on the level of individuals, towards efficient clinical trials.

Research Targeting Unmet Clinical Needs

  • Integration of multi-sensor data into daily clinical practice (diagnostics)
  • Clinically valid and relevant data by bridging the gap between patients, clinicians, and researchers
  • Target- and application-specific outcome measures by the reduction of big to small data

Research Focus

  • Validation of movement sensors in both laboratory and clinical environments for the assessment of functional activities and activities related to mobility
  • Qualitative and quantitative activity and capability profiles in clinical and home environments
  • Objective and comparable metrics for clinical applications improving neuro-rehabilitation based on multi-sensor data

Patient-Specific Physical Activity Profiles

  • Starting with the multi-center phase II clinical study NISCI (Nogo Inhibition in Spinal Cord Injury,, we introduce a novel activity and care support system applicable to clinical environments to i) generate activity-related patient profiles, ii) compare different treatments and rehabilitation programs, iii) predict care trajectories, iv) set individualized activity goals, and v) provide motivational feedback.

  • The system builds on the clinical data acquired by the so-called JUMP modules. The JUMP module is a compact, 10 degrees-of-freedom inertial measurement unit designed for long-term monitoring of human physical activity, developed within the ZurichMOVE consortium (