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The BRIDGE Lab: Bridging the “Wisdom Gap” (BRIDGE)


In The BRIDGE Lab, DSI researchers aim to create a collaborative platform as a structural vessel to promote research and innovation, by connecting science with industries, incubators, public authorities, and civil society around conditions of successful implementation of digital innovations in Switzerland.


Today, we live in a world of interconnected global issues of great complexity, which interlocks existing problems and supercharges power dynamics. The gap between the increasingly interconnected complexity of our problems and our ability to make sense of them is the “wisdom gap”. This project offers an exploratory space for bridging the gap by addressing the challenge of integrating new technologies into society – such as using drones as an urban air mobility solution in the Swiss context. Project partners include leading industry and civil society members, Canton of Zurich, Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), and University of Geneva (UNIGE). The project is one of the UZH DSI Labs funded by the Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions (DIZH).

More info about the project here.