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Automobil Industrie Studie

research areas

Mobile Societies
Mobile Systems


2023 - 2024

This endeavor aims to examine the industry’s current developments, encompassing crucial areas such as the transition to electromobility, the application of machine learning, and sustainability measures.

Our study encompasses a wide range of companies within the industry. We are analyzing manufacturers of passenger cars, buses, trucks, as well as specialty vehicles including agricultural and forestry vehicles, fire trucks, race cars, and motorcycles. Additionally, we are examining suppliers to these companies, which include parts manufacturers, material manufacturers (e.g., lubricants and construction materials), capital goods manufacturers (e.g., production facilities or parts thereof, machinery), and service providers (e.g., development services, research and development).
Please note that our study specifically focuses on the aforementioned companies, and car dealerships, insurance companies, financial services, and automotive repair shops are not within the scope of this research.
To provide a comprehensive understanding, we have built upon prior related studies, which can be found at []. These studies serve as a valuable foundation for our current research, enhancing our insights into the industry’s evolution.

We anticipate publishing the findings of this study in early 2024.