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Webinar – From Product to Platform

Webinar – From Product to Platform Article Image

24. January 2022

Emerging from the disruptive market forces of the twenty first century, the global automotive industry has become synonymous with more than just mobility. Advances in technology and the transformation of systems are enabling innovative products that allow vehicles to serve as platforms for other products; vehicles are becoming “living rooms on wheels”.

Heritage brands are racing to compete with relatively recent market entrants who have refined over the air vehicle software updates that are used to optimize a vehicle’s performance. These developments are creating customer experiences that transcend transportation forms, connecting consumers to a myriad of product and brand extensions that generate consistent cash flows. As the digitalization of mobility products and over the air technology will allow consumers to extend the life of their hardware (cars, trucks, CUV’s, SUV’s, etc.), original equipment manufacturers will rely increasingly on subscription-based services that generate recurring income, as well as other technology based products to support their revenue streams. Considering that the automotive industry’s market sales are forecast to be US$3.8 trillion in 2022* and accounts for 3% of global economic output**, the implications for value chain members and stakeholders around the world are significant.

With a panel of global experts from both industry and academia, this webinar explored the types of product possibilities that are emerging, the nature of the companies that will compete in this emerging space, and the implications for associated industries and supply chains.

Considered Questions:

  • Will regions of the world adopt similar technologies? That is, will there be standardization of protocols and service products across geographic markets?
  • What are the implications for emerging markets versus developed markets?
  • What types of products can we expect to see in the near term and farther into the future?


27.Jan.2022 17:00


Link to the recording