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Swiss Drone Days organized by Christian Pfeiffer

Swiss Drone Days organized by Christian Pfeiffer Article Image

23. March 2022

Swiss Drone Days is an annual event dedicated to aerial robotics, featuring science and industry exhibition, conferences, robot demos, and drone races. The event is (amongst others) organized by our member Christian Pfeiffer and the UZH’s Robotics and Perception Group. It is taking place from the 11th to 12 June 2022 in Dübendorf, ZH.

It brings together industry, researchers, innovators, creators, investors, engineers and students to exchange and share experiences, new ideas, technologies and together, envision solutions to future needs.
A broad range of activities ensure that the gathering is a dynamic and enjoyable experience:

  • Live demos including autonomous drone racing, inspection, and delivery drone in one of the largest drone flying arenas of the world showcase state of the art drone technology.
  • Spectacular drone races by the Swiss Drone League display the incredible skills of Europe’s best drone racing pilots.
  • Presentations of distinguished speakers will be attractive to any participant.

Join the event and discover state-of-the-art research and technology providers; meet the most recent laboratory spin-offs and the most representative start-ups in the Swiss Robotics Ecosystem, and to gain privileged access to the experts in the field. Visit three core facilities of drone research and innovation at Dubendorf: The University of Zurich Flying Arena, the Innovation Park, and EMPA.

You can find more information here.