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Mit Mobilfunkdaten zu besseren Mobilitätslösungen

Mit Mobilfunkdaten zu besseren Mobilitätslösungen Article Image

26. March 2021

On Thursday, April 15, 18:15, Rahel Stöckli, Business Development Executive, Teralytics AG, and Luciano Franceschina, CTO and co-founder, Teralytics AG, gave a lecture in this year's DSI lecture series Society on the Move: The Digital Transformation of Mobility.

In this event, Rahel Stöckli and Luciano Franceschina, who work at Teralytics AG, demonstrated how their company uses mobile data to analyze movements of individuals. By applying big data and machine learning methods their aim is to arrive at transformative insights to help their costumers create mobility solutions that work for everyone. The talk ended with several questions on the future plans, impacts of COVID19 on their business, major challenges and obstacles, and collaboration with other higher educational institutions. Overall, the crowd showed large interest in the work Teralytics is doing.



In a world where the definition of „normal“ has changed, making the right decisions is more complex – and important – than ever before. COVID-19 has turned the transportation sector on its head, with the effects potentially being felt well into the future.

To successfully predict people’s future mobility needs, you have to know how their needs will change and forecast which new behaviors will be short-term and long-term. This requires: – Mobility information that provides an accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date picture of how people travel – regardless of mode or demographic affiliation – and information that is continuous and shows how travel patterns change over time.

Teralytics‘ information covers large, stable population samples that represent travel patterns of real people and have no bias toward any particular group or mode of transportation. As an optimal basis for collecting this information, we use signal data from wireless carriers that form a large, continuous, and representative dataset for all regions in which we operate.

During the talk, we will present our analyses and the methodology used, and show how this new data set is being used to gain tomorrow’s insights using real projects.



Rahel Stöckli is in charge of Business Development at Teralytics, an ETH spin-off that focuses on mobile data analysis using AI and Big Data technologies. She studied Business Economics with specialisation in International Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences of Northern Switzerland. After several years in the banking industry at the Swiss bank UBS and driven by her interest in new technologies, she decided to join the tech start-up Teralytics.

Teralytics uses data from cellular networks to provide unprecedented insights on human mobility based on cutting edge data science, proprietary machine learning algorithms rooted in artificial intelligence and deep technology. By partnering with carriers, Teralytics turns their networks into sensors for human movement.

Click here for the event overview of the Digital Society Initiative with further information on the lecture and the speaker.


General information about the lecture series

Society on the Move: The Digital Transformation of Mobility
Progress of digitalization has been affecting mobility related aspects of individuals, society, and systems. Associated promises range from the improvement of citizen well-being, economic efficiency gains, more sustainable livelihoods, to opening up new extra-terrestrial endeavours.
In this lecture series both, scholars and industry representatives will offer their perspectives on questions such as: What challenges and potential pitfalls are associated with the digitalization of mobility? Will we become too dependent on technology? How can these developments be beneficial to society?

The DSI Lecture Series was organised in cooperation with the DSI Community Mobility. The Community Mobility is a group of researchers who conduct interdisciplinary research on digital mobility projects. All lectures take place on Thursdays from 18.15-19.45 as digital events (Zoom).