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DSI Mobility Lecture Series (Ringvorlesung)

DSI Mobility Lecture Series (Ringvorlesung) Article Image

2. February 2021

The researchers of the DSI Mobility Community organized a lecture series revolving around various mobility-topics.

The last DSI lecture series „Society on the Move: The Digital Transformation of Mobility“ was organized and hosted by us. It was scheduled from the 4th of March until the 3rd of June. The topics covered the research of our group whereas each area (mobile individuals, mobile societies and mobile systems) was represented. Presentations were delivered by our members but also invited speakers. Below you can find an overview and link to each event.

Past Events:
  • 03.06.21: The ExoMars Mobility Subsystem for Roving and Walking on Mars (by Pantelis Poulakis)
  • 20.05.21: Mobility in the Face of Fall Risk: The Case for Digital Solutions (by David Bruce Matchar)
  • 29.04.21: Digitalisierung – Der Schlüssel zur Mobilität der Zukunft (in German, by Daria Martinoni)
  • 15.04.21: Mit Mobilfunkdaten zu besseren Mobilitätslösungen (in German, by Rahel Stöckli)
  • 25.03.21: ZurichMOVE: Activity Counts (by Armin Curt)
  • 04.03.21: Autonomous Drones in the Renewable Energy Sector: A Success Story (by Tom Sulzer)
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