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Digitalisierung – Der Schlüssel zur Mobilität der Zukunft

Digitalisierung – Der Schlüssel zur Mobilität der Zukunft Article Image

16. April 2021

On Thursday, April 29, 18:15, Daria Martinoni, PhD, Head SBB Region East, SBB, gave a lecture in this year's DSI lecture series Society on the Move: The Digital Transformation of Mobility.

In this event, Daria Martinoni, who is Head of Region East at the SBB, spoke about how digitalisation is a key component in the future development of mobility. Specifically, she spoke about how digitalisation at the SBB involves advances in rail path control systems, optimisation of energy efficient operation modes, and the smart use of customer information. The talk ended with several questions on automatisation of systems, on using telephone data, and changing cost structures due to digitalisation. Overall, the crowd was very interested in the developments at the SBB.


The world of mobility is undergoing profound change. Customer needs are changing, digitalization is increasingly shaping everyday life, cost pressure is rising, and new competitors are emerging. The digital transformation holds great opportunities for SBB, but also risks, especially in the areas of customer experience and efficiency. In order to exploit the opportunities and counteract the risks, the right balance must be achieved between „innovate broadly“ and „implement with focus“. The digitalization process aims to implement ready-to-use digital initiatives in SBB’s operational processes, offerings and market development in order to create added value for SBB’s customers and employees.

Click here for the event overview of the Digital Society Initiative with further information on the lecture and the speaker.


General information about the lecture series

Society on the Move: The Digital Transformation of Mobility
Progress of digitalization has been affecting mobility related aspects of individuals, society, and systems. Associated promises range from the improvement of citizen well-being, economic efficiency gains, more sustainable livelihoods, to opening up new extra-terrestrial endeavours.
In this lecture series both, scholars and industry representatives will offer their perspectives on questions such as: What challenges and potential pitfalls are associated with the digitalization of mobility? Will we become too dependent on technology? How can these developments be beneficial to society?

The DSI Lecture Series was organised in cooperation with the DSI Community Mobility. The Community Mobility is a group of researchers who conduct interdisciplinary research on digital mobility projects. All lectures take place on Thursdays from 18.15-19.45 as digital events (Zoom).