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Florian Lichtin

Florian Lichtin started his PhD at ETH Zürich in September 2020. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Amsterdam with a focus on Political Sciences and mixed as well as quantitative methods. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Lucerne. Outside of academia, Florian has experience working in both environmental and student/youth organizations.
Florian is part of the Swiss Mobility Panel research project in which Swiss citizens' opinions and preferences on mobility and their respective mobility behaviour are measured and explored in a long-​term panel survey. His main research interest lie in the field of environmental politics and more concretely in how to create a politically feasible mobility transition, with a specific focus on how inequalities affect the public’s acceptance of these policies and how different ways of compensation can increase support for them.


ETH Zürich


Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences

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